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Basic Steps to Downtown Revitalization 

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  • Your town’s history and memories = your story

  • Inventory structures: Take a photo of the front/street entrance

  1.  Organize into Government, Nonprofit, or Privately owned.

  2.  Historic Designation – National Register or Study List?

  3. Organize into available for sale (as is or renovated), available for rent (as is or renovated, absent landlord, public safety issue.

  •  Some towns have a National Register historic district in place (NR) others are on the study list (SL). Here is the link to see all of Bertie County’s historic areas and structures.

  •  Structural Assessment necessary on some buildings

  •  Utility or roadway needs?

  •  What type of businesses are needed/enjoyed by locals AND by travelers? What businesses are NOT welcome?

  •  Façade and plan view/streetscape design and estimates

  •  Work with the Town Government to develop a façade improvement program and ordinance.

Market the Vision and Availability

  •  Create an informational online package to promote the availability, local vision, County Travel & Tourism planning.

  •  Outreach to developers, realtors, entrepreneurs, etc.

  •  Restoration Underway

Travel & Tourism Promotion

  • Destination Bertie and the Tourism Development Authority (TDA) promote Bertie and its unique downtowns.

Updated 6/2/24


Pictures of Success In NC Towns

“The Better Business Bureau’s national statistics show that when you spend $100 at a local business, roughly $68 stays within the local economy, compared to a non-local business where $43 of that $100 dollars stays in the community.


Most small businesses also participate in volunteer work, charitable donations, community festivals, local sports teams, and benefits. In fact, their data shows 52% of small businesses support charitable contributions, and 90% donate to local causes.


The vibrancy of any small town can be measured by the economic health of their small businesses. These community assets generate long-term economic development that meets authentic community needs. By supplying jobs to their communities, these entrepreneurs promote economic self-sufficiency to help reduce poverty, according to the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, which supports entrepreneurial efforts in low and moderate-income areas.


Local small businesses also provide character and individuality to a community. They are a community’s unique brand. Walking along a thriving business district can create a sense of value and identity for visitors. It’s an impression of vitality and wealth, producing a positive image of the overall community."

Deborah Kaufman. (2023, May 8).

Small Businesses—the Heart and Soul of Today’s Rural Communities. My Little Falls.​

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