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Action Plan    Downtown Revitalization      Travel & Tourism in Bertie

Hello Bertie Municipalities, Non-Profits, and Downtown Revitalization Committees!

We created this Downtown Revitalization page to keep everyone updated and to share the many resources we continue to find. 

We'll continue working together on your specific needs, but this general information can help all of us keep our eyes on the target - vibrant downtowns.


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The images to the left are snapshot examples of future online promotion using the newly designed Bertie Travel & Tourism logo to also be presented August 3, 2024 with the draft Master Plan. 

Date: August 3, 2024  Windsor River Fest Roanoke Cashie River Center Noon - 4:00PM

​July 9, 2024 Sharon Smith new with NC Department of Commerce Rural Economic Development Division, Main Street & Rural Planning 

Introducing Ms. Smith to Destination Bertie and how MSRP can assist with Downtown Revitalization and more!

July 17, 2024 Small Scale Development Workshop and Historic Tax Credit Workshop Washington, NC 

Registration Required. Registration link is on this PDF    National Register (NR) and Study List (SL) properties!

August 3, 2024 Draft Travel & Tourism Master Plan 

Noon - 4:00PM DBD Planning will present DRAFT Bertie Travel & Tourism Master Plan and Brand at the Windsor River Fest

August 9, 2024 NC Department of Cultural Resources 

Tour of Bertie's Study List Properties

Mid-August NC Growth

Begins work on designing a Brick-and-Mortar Retail Recruitment Package. These templates can be used by downtowns to recruit buyers and businesses. 

Mid-August ECU Community and Regional Planning

Still working on this possibility - Student assistance in facade graphics to be used in Retail Recruitment Packages.


Pictures of Success In NC Towns

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Typical Steps Towards Revitalization


  • Your town’s history and memories = your story

  • Inventory structures: Take a photo of the front/street entrance

  1.  Organize into Government, Nonprofit, or Privately owned.

  2.  Historic Designation – National Register or Study List?

  3. Organize into available for sale (as is or renovated), available for rent (as is or renovated, absent landlord, public safety issue.

  •  Some towns have a National Register historic district in place (NR) others are on the study list (SL). Here is the link to see all of Bertie County’s historic areas and structures.

  •  Structural Assessment necessary on some buildings

  •  Utility or roadway needs?

  •  What type of businesses are needed/enjoyed by locals AND by travelers? What businesses are NOT welcome?

  •  Façade and plan view/streetscape design and estimates

  •  Work with the Town Government to develop a façade improvement program and ordinance.

Market the Vision and Availability

  •  Create an informational online "Recruitment" package to promote the   availability, local vision, County Travel & Tourism planning.

  •  Outreach to developers, realtors, entrepreneurs, etc.

  •  Restoration Underway

Travel & Tourism Promotion

  • Destination Bertie and the Tourism Development Authority (TDA) promote Bertie and its unique downtowns.

Updated 6/30/24

“The Better Business Bureau’s national statistics show that when you spend $100 at a local business, roughly $68 stays within the local economy, compared to a non-local business where $43 of that $100 dollars stays in the community.


Most small businesses also participate in volunteer work, charitable donations, community festivals, local sports teams, and benefits. In fact, their data shows 52% of small businesses support charitable contributions, and 90% donate to local causes.


The vibrancy of any small town can be measured by the economic health of their small businesses. These community assets generate long-term economic development that meets authentic community needs. By supplying jobs to their communities, these entrepreneurs promote economic self-sufficiency to help reduce poverty, according to the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, which supports entrepreneurial efforts in low and moderate-income areas.


Local small businesses also provide character and individuality to a community. They are a community’s unique brand. Walking along a thriving business district can create a sense of value and identity for visitors. It’s an impression of vitality and wealth, producing a positive image of the overall community."

Deborah Kaufman. (2023, May 8).

Small Businesses—the Heart and Soul of Today’s Rural Communities. My Little Falls.​

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